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Created by and starring Ethan Pavone. In Season 1: "Jim Morrison Goes to Hell..."  follows the adventures of The Doors frontman and known lothario Jim Morrison. Jim is having the time of his afterlife, when he receives a call that changes everything.  Now he cannot return to heaven unless he defeats Satan and his henchmen: "Gruel," & "Leonard", with help from "The Hipster" and "A hologram version of Jesus.” Does Jim have what it takes to save the soul of Rock N Roll??!!

In Season 2: “Jim Morrison Goes to Outer Space…”, Jim’s best friend is dead. Now Jim & his new robotic sidekick, “Hipster Robot”, are searching the nether regions of space, battling Sh!thead, and an unknown force known only as “The Leader.” This time it’s more than just saving Rock N Roll. This time it’s about revenge!!!