More Ethan Pavone "shenanigans" to enjoy

You'll never see the world the same, after a taste of PIMP MAGIC......... Written,Directed and Starring.... you guessed it: ETHAN PAVONE

How were Doritos created?  See what happens when Tortilla Chip goes head to head with Nacho Cheese for total snack domination A joint collaboration of That's Funny ?!!  & Navajo Productions.

Even Superhero's need a Day Off.  A joint collaboration of That's Funny??!! & Navajo Productions.

Jew's rapping might seem outdated.  But you can never get tired of dope ass rhythms..

What should be a hit song, sung by a talentless hack.  (Can we get Taylor Swift to do a cover version)

Rockin' Out with Solo.  (How could I not write a song for my hero)

Admiral Ackbar is finally hosting his own prank show.